A Petition To Ban Bird Traps

Every life is valuable, without differentiating whether it is human or not. Wildlife and other animal’s lives are equally important as of any person’s. Killing a life of an animal without any valid reason and imminent threat from their side is a criminal act, to say the least. In our society, the main reason birds are facing extinction is the abundance of bird traps that are scattered throughout the city and housing societies. These traps are so effective and efficient that entraps the birds perfectly and do not let them go unless it is manually disabled. These bird traps are right now main concern of many NGO’s and wildlife preserve societies as they are widely affecting the bird population and making them extinct. 

Not only the bird trappers catch birds for selling to people for collection, but they also have a business of selling them to butchers and consumers that are fond of eating game birds. Some of the big birds that are quite rare and difficult to find have huge demand in the market. Bird traps in Melbourne are set in the locations that have rare birds sightings, these traps sometimes are laid for weeks or months also and when finally a bird is trapped, it is sold for thousands. People who have the means and are fond of keeping birds as pets have no objection in buying birds that are rare for thousands of dollars. This situation urges the bird catchers to set up more and more traps for bird all over the city, forests and open spaces. The more bird traps are set, the more endangered they are becoming. This is an alarming situation that needs to be rectified on an immediate basis. 

With more people getting awareness, people are getting the depth of the situation and raising their voices for it. People are demanding that these bird traps should be banned all over the country. The government should take precautionary measures and take immediate actions to discourage the bird catchers from set up traps. For this purpose, the proper legal way should be taken and a law should be passed. This law should state the penalty a person will face if he is caught setting up traps or is involved in buying and selling of birds, especially those birds that are rare and close to extinction. Many organizations such as PETA is working on a public level to raise awareness and make people realize that birds are not toys that people can play with, in fact, they are living and breathing beings.  

A general petition is signed in a public courthouse that urges the government to make sure every life is important and killing birds mercilessly and setting up bird traps is a criminal offence. People involved in the business of buying and selling of birds are equally responsible for their extinction and should be held accountable in a court of law. These bullet points are part of the petition that the general public has signed.  bird-traps-install

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